Monday, 18 February 2013

Eight Weird things about me...

8 WEIRD things about me:

  1. I have a phobia of FEET!! Seriously, I can’t stand it when people see my feet, when I see other people’s feet, pictures of feet, videos of feet, that SCARY advert full of feet. OMG! (Even the word though I wrote it quite a few times)!
  2. I’m never able to start a conversation without feeling awkward. So it makes people think I’m boring, but I’m not! It’s just that I never know what to speak about until the other person starts off a conversation.
  3. I sing everywhere EXCEPT in front of people. I can’t help it. I will try to never sing in front of my friends ESPECIALLY. I sing in my bedroom when everyone else is downstairs and sometimes at school when it just comes out but no other then that. (YES I DO SOMETIMES SING IN FRONT OF HIKMA)
  4. I love heights, the further up I am the better I feel. I really don’t understand why people are afraid of high places. Doesn’t it give you that rush of air and that feeling of being higher up then everyone else around you? No?
  5. I talk to myself in the mirror, there I said it. That is officially the first sign of madness isn’t it? But I’m not crazy I just do that when I’m extremely bored and I’m supposed to be studying…
  6. I enjoy running, maybe that’s not weird, but I was finding it hard to think of another one. I can’t help but run across a road and then start walking normally again. Or run round the corner and then walk normally again. I really don’t even understand why I do that!
  7. I’ll pick something out of my cupboard to wear for non-uniform day the day before and make my Mum iron it. Then the next morning realise I don’t actually want to wear those clothes after all…
  8. Apparently I forgive people to easily. I never used to, I got angry all the time and could hold a grudge for ages. But now I still sorta get angry (but that’s normal) but not mentioning any names *Hikma* thinks I forgive and forget FAR too easily……

Well that’s all and thanks for this BRILLIANT meme Orli. Can’t wait for the next one!

Shakira! :D



  1. I thought I was the only one who talked to myself in the mirror! :O

  2. Great post! I'm glad I am not the only one who hate the sight of feet ;)


  3. I also love heights, sing everywhere, feel awkward, do the clothes thing and love running! You are not the only one!

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    -DP :)


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