Thursday, 11 July 2013

At a CRAFTING state...


At the moment I seem to be in what you could call 'A Crafting State'.
I have been creating, sewing and baking stuff and have decided to compile some pictures of what I've made to share with you!
Here goes:

 Tote Bag: Ok well firstly I made a tote bag. I bought a plain bag and scarps of fabric. I cut circles (CD size) out of the patterned fabric and sewed round the circle. After gathering the stitches together a flower like shape began to form. To finish I added a button and sewed around it to secure it onto the bag.

 Ring: For this a clear gem stone and ring mount are needed. On the gem stone you paint, using nail polish, a variety of different colours in a particular sort of pattern. So for this I made the base a purple colour and added black triangular stripes. There's also a glitter effect which, unfortunately, you can't see in the picture.

Happy Birthday Card: This is made as paper art with a butterfly effect. Using folded patterned paper cut out the shape of a butterfly (about six). Then stick one onto the card. For the rest of the butterfly shapes only stick on the left wing so the right wings all flutter upwards. You can then write a message.

Mouse Pin Cushion: This was by far the hardest to make. It took a really long time and was quite fiddly and complicated. I had to roll and sew a piece of fabric, stuff it and sew on ears and features. With ribbon I added on whiskers and a tail to create a pin cushion.

 Kitten Key Ring: For this felt fabric is needed. I cut out two cat shapes and sewed them together. I left a space and stuffed it. Then added features and designs. finally a ribbon was added so I could add a key ring chain.

Stamped Birthday Card: For this patterned paper could be cut in any manner preferred and stuck on card. I had a bumblebee stamp for this so stamped that onto a small square paper and coloured it in. But you can use whatever sort of stamp you please. Then add a quick message.

Fudge Truffles: This sort of failed but it tastes alright. 100g of white chocolate had to be melted and mixed with 5 tbsp of condensed milk and 1 tbsp of desiccated coconut. Also any flavour you like (I did strawberry). It then should be mixed and put in the fridge for 30mins to cool. Later you shape them into circle balls and put them back into the fridge. Volia!

So those were a few things I had made!

Have you made anything that you'd like to share?

Put a link in the comments! :)

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  1. Wow, you have been busy!! I love the key ring and the fudge truffles sound YUM. This has really put me to shame- I have done absolutely no craft whatsoever this summer. I have started blogging though, but I don't think that technically counts as craft!


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